Allen Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-inch receiver)

Allen Bike Racks was founded by Dick Allen in his Lincoln, Massachusetts home garage. He started building bike racks out of a personal need for them. By 1971, Allen bike racks were sold nationally through distributors. Today, it has expanded vastly and is run by Dick Allen’s on Alex. The company owns over three dozen patents, operates three warehouses nationally, two factories abroad, and sells products in over twelve countries worldwide.

The Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack is a really nice rack, considering it’s one of the few racks that actually offers you a capacity to carry 5 bikes.

Allen Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2 inch receiver)

The rack features:

  • Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Rack holds up to 5 bikes.
  • Tie – down system which individually secures and protects you bikes.
  • 28 – inch carrying arms which are foldable.
  • Designed for 2-inch hitches.
  • Includes security strap.
  • Lifetime warranty.

The 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack is ideal for a family that loves to go biking. It’s perfect for weekend trips, biking expeditions, or family outings. A 5-bike capacity is a major plus point of this rack.

There is a slight inconvenience when it comes to actually loading 5 bikes onto the rack. It may sag a bit, especially with the bikes on, and you’ll spend the entire ride worrying about your bikes falling off.

It also isn’t safe considering the clearance is extremely low. However, it isn’t necessary that you will face this problem- you can even have a perfectly good and satisfying experience with this rack.

For the price it comes at, the rack is definitely a terrific option. Its major advantage is that it can actually carry 5 bikes at the same time.

In short, the Allen Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack may have its problems, but they can be easily solved. The rack does have security features like tie down system, security straps and 28 inch carrying arms.

The arms also fold down for convenient storage, which is another bonus. You can just store the folded rack in your trunk, which is definitely convenient on outings and trips. Also, you can open the trunk with the rack attached, which turns out to be very convenient.

To conclude, this is a nice rack to opt for if you actually have a requirement for a 5-bike rack. If you don’t really have 5 bikes but just want to buy a 5-bike rack for future purposes, it’s not recommended.

In that case, it would be better to go for something smaller and more compact which also offers you a higher level of security.

The Allen rack also comes with a lifetime warranty, so any fixing that needs to be done won’t be a problem. Not all companies offer lifetime warranty and even if they do it’s usually limited, so this is also another plus point.

With this bike rack, you get a more than what you pay for. It’s worth the money and more, and the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Picking out this rack is an excellent choice.

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  1. Docoy says:

    Color: gray frame, blue seat and handgripsBike Brand Name: Mercier European iormptYear of the bike: 1997Type of Bike: mountainSpecial features on the bike, like racks, bells, ect: shifted all gears from right handgrip. Front suspension, blue seat.Where it was stolen from: Randolph and WyndotteWhat time/day it was stolen: 3am June 2 2010What kind of lock were you using: chain

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